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Long Arm Quilting

Happy Wife Quilting offers edge-to-edge quilting on finished quilt tops up to 116" wide.
My Gammill Longarm machine is computer-driven to complete the finished look you are desiring.  

Here are some of the designs that I offer.  There are many more designs available for a charge of $10. I recommend these websites to search for edge-to-edge designs that might interest you: Anne Bright Designs, Urban Elementz, Sew Shabby Quilting, Gammill Pattern Cloud (Click Advanced Search).  

Please be sure to choose an edge-to-edge or a point-to-point design.

All prices per square inch are listed underneath each design.  To calculate the approximate total cost, take the width of your quilt (in inches) x length of your quilt (in inches) multiplied by the price listed (width x length x price per square inch).  

Almost all patterns can be adjusted in size to your liking.  The price may increase depending on the density of quilting.  This will be discussed when we choose a pattern and your quilt is dropped off.

After setting up an appointment with me, please be prepared to bring your quilt top ensuring all seams are pressed and loose threads are clipped.  If the backing has been pieced, please ensure the seam is pressed and it is square.   The batting and backing for a full sized quilts need to be 8" larger than the top (4" on each side) and for smaller quilts such as table runners and baby quilts need to be 6" larger (3" larger on each side).

I have a large selection of Glide thread to choose from.  Price will vary depending on the size of the quilt and the density of the pattern.

Please be aware that the quality of your quilting is directly related to the quality and integrity of the quilt top and back. I know that no quilt is perfect and I always do my best with each quilt. I promise to try to make any flaws as inconspicuous as possible.  Please know that I cannot be held responsible for problems that arise from: holes in seams, thick points, dark threads that may show through, fullness in the border and/or quilt, or any other problems that arise outside of our control. 

Our home is a dog-friendly home. Although the dogs are not allowed in the studio, transfer of fur may happen.  

I look forward to helping you finish your quilting masterpiece!