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Quik Hang Magnetic Quilt Hanging System by SewTites

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Stop the fuss and pain of hanging your quilts – quickly and easily swap out your quilts with the Quik Hang Magnetic Quilt Hanging System!

• No more sewing pockets onto the back of your quilts
• No more fussing with getting it hung up
• No more having to remove the pocket once you're done displaying it

With the Magnetic Quik Hang System, you'll have a super-fast way to hang and swap out quilts on your walls.

SewTites Co-Founding Sister, Jamie, has been using a makeshift system like this in her quilt shop for over a year with many people asking when they could get their own – now, you can!

How It Works:

The system is just four metal strips with pre-drilled holes to install onto your wall permanently – you can leave them white or paint them to match your walls before installation.

Use all four strips, spaced however far apart you would like them, to accommodate all of the sizes of quilts you use, or just use one or two if you only hang smaller quilts.

Once you have the strips installed on your wall (video directions are included!), simply use the magnetic part of the 6 SewTites magnets included to secure your quilt onto the metal strips.

Yes, the magnets will be visible when the quilt is on display – if you don’t like that aspect, this product isn’t for you!

It’s for people who want the ease of swapping out their quilts and don’t mind the neutral grey magnets showing.

Then, when you’re ready to change out your quilt… simply remove the magnets, and voila!

It’s off in a few seconds, and your quilt is ready to use again.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What's Included

• 4 - 1 x 16"" metal strips with pre-drilled holes
• 6 grey SewTites magnets (including the backs, so you can use the magnets for other sewing and quilting projects when not in use)
• Hanging hardware (12 screws and 12 sheetrock mounts)

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